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How Computer-Aided Design Is Utilised In The Media Industry

by | May 18, 2022

Computer-aided design has been noted for its usefulness, sheer ingenuity, and other benefits it brings for designers. So much so that it has become almost universally utilised across different industries. But far and away, the industry where this is most used appears to be the media and entertainment industry. This could be for any number of reasons. By its very nature, CAD facilitates higher quality results and the crafting of more immersive media experiences.

What is CAD?

Before we delve into the topic, let us first ask the question: what exactly is CAD? As mentioned before, CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. In essence, it is when computers are used to create, adjust, evaluate, or augment a design. It enhances designs in almost every way, increasing both the quality and quantity of a designer’s output. It allows for more organisation with a creation database and facilitates easier communication with the inclusion of documentation.

So how exactly does it work in each media industry?


There is more to producing than just recording and cutting scenes together. It is often a more intricate process with complicated steps that require the unique aid CAD provides. For example, special effects and motion graphics that are added are oftentimes achieved through computer-aided design. Colour correcting and enhancement can also be attributed to this software. Thus, it is safe to say that the effects of post-production would not be where it is without CAD.

Video games

The video game industry is booming like never before and the near-rapid development in technology could certainly be one of the causes. Technology has seen video games go from pixelated arcade games to the stunning graphics we see on our consoles today. As a result, video games are experiencing an unprecedented bout of popularity. Unsurprisingly, CAD is used in almost all stages of production of these games, including animation, 3D data transfer, lighting, and much more. If anything, this shows that computer-aided design is vital to match the high standards of today’s gamers.

Television and film

It is hard to imagine a world without movies and television and even harder to imagine movies and television without CAD. Computer-aided design is utilised in the process from beginning to end. However, where the software truly is able to shine is in the earliest stages with character design and the creation of storyboards. It also helps with the aesthetic aspects such as texturing and shading, matte paintings, and adjustments.

From pre-production all the way to the very last stage of film and television creation, CAD has a hand in the entire process. The most addictive, bingeable shows and the biggest blockbusters all rely on computer-aided design to entertain the masses.


We all turn to the media for a plethora of reasons. They offer us escapism, entertainment, and a sense of excitement. Now we can just enjoy it while equipped with the knowledge of what computer-aided design does to help achieve this. If you are a content creator looking to try your hand at media production, you might realise that you are unable to do it without its invaluable help. So, if you are looking to buy CAD software in Singapore, why not give us at Whizz Woods, a credible reseller of CAD software, a try?