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How 3D Modelling Can Be Utilised For Your Marketing Efforts

by | Aug 23, 2022

Regardless of the industry your business is in, you cannot neglect or cut costs on marketing if you are looking to expand your consumer base and increase business profitability. If there are non-existent or poor marketing efforts, your company risks suffering from low customer volume, budget inefficiency, and lack of industry attractiveness. In worst-case scenarios, your business may even face the prospect of closure. As such, there is no room for negotiation that companies should invest in high-quality marketing plans in order to stay competitive and stand out in a crowded market.

While many people may immediately assume that CAD software is only meant for generating 2D or 3D designs, CAD software can also be used for other functions. In this case, it can help optimise marketing efforts and create effective marketing campaigns. To provide more in-depth information on how CAD software, specifically 3D modelling, can develop a good marketing strategy, continue reading this article.

1. Generate professional product presentations 

Product presentation is arguably the most vital aspect that can either make or break a potential sale. This is because a product presentation allows clients or customers to get a first glimpse of the product and form an impression. Therefore, product presentations should be presentable and done up professionally in order to prompt clients to go ahead with the purchase, especially when the business is new to the industry and has not built up an adequate portfolio. 

With CAD software, you can create and display your product with accurate detailing, providing a more immersive presentation experience for the viewer. Such extra effort may just be what your business needs to convince your clients or customers to proceed with the sales process.

2. Modernise your brand’s image

Some companies tend to spend thousands of dollars simply to modernise their brand image. However, there is no real need to do so as long as you know how to leverage 3D modelling to your advantage. For example, CAD software may be heavily used by designers and architects, but it can seem like a state-of-the-art and complex technology to regular folks. This helps craft an image that your business takes a proactive approach to stay ahead of the game and is one to embrace digital transformation. These impressions can be deciding factors for some clients.

3. Distinguish the marketing team from the production team 

At times, the marketing team cannot propel forward with the marketing campaign if the product prototype is unfinished. This will no longer be an issue when the prototype is constructed with 3D modelling. Since CAD software allows designers the freedom and flexibility to make revisions multiple times, the production team can continue to revise the product design while the marketing team pushes through the campaign with a mockup model. At the end of the day, this saves ample time and costs for the business.

4. Better storytelling 

When it comes to marketing, storytelling is all about connecting audiences with the brand. Whether it is through communicating a message to consumers or educating them with valuable content, storytelling marketing can humanise a business and make consumers care about its products or services. In today’s world, where visuals are the first thing that people form a connection with, it makes sense that businesses should advertise through engaging visual content rather than wordy promotions. This is where 3D modelling and CAD software come in to provide access to impressive images and drawings.


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