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What Makes 3D Renderings Superior To Photography

by | Nov 1, 2022

Regardless if you are in the architectural, engineering, or fashion fields, crafting and presenting the right visuals is of utmost importance to get your project off the ground. Visuals allow you to convey your ideas to other people involved, including stakeholders and potential clients so they can understand your vision and decide whether to invest or contribute to the project. Needless to say, visuals can make or break your work, as they remain the primary way of showcasing designs and plans.

While most people may immediately think of photography as a method to present their visuals, there is another, more effective way of doing so. Yes, we are talking about 3D renderings, which turn 2D sketches into 3D photorealistic models. 3D renderings can be achieved using CAD software. The next time you have a design to create and display, opt for 3D renderings instead, and here are the reasons why. 

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is arguably the winning factor when comparing 3D renderings to photography. Unlike just taking pictures, which does not leave room for experimentation and customisation, 3D renderings provide a myriad of options for designers to explore their creativity. From editing and retouching to making slight adjustments and playing around with different colours, the design process is maximised to the fullest potential, allowing designers the flexibility and versatility to build or improve their creations at any stage.

If you have to tackle a visual challenge, such as complex shapes and unique perspectives, 3D renderings are the way to go. In fact, 3D renderings are a necessity in some industries, namely interior design. Imagine trying to comprehend and visualise a space in 2D. It will simply not be effective and does the design no justice. However, 3D renderings can better capture the spatial design, highlighting each and every detailed feature and measurement.

2. Time-saving

Many times, designers find themselves having to adhere to a tight deadline to complete their projects. Fortunately, due to how convenient and straightforward it is to edit designs through 3D renderings, designers can look forward to faster production and lead time. In addition, 3D renderings require far less time, effort, and manpower to set up than photoshoots, which may even demand reshoots if the photos are not shot to standard. This also means that photoshoots may not be a practical choice for smaller businesses or designers having to work with limited budgets.

3. Realistic displays

Even though photography has the capability to offer various stylistic looks, it is unable to provide a realistic overview of the product design. If a 3D rendering is professionally assembled, even a trained eye may struggle distinguishing between a digitally-created model and reality. Whether it be showcasing elaborate details, geography or construction, 3D renderings can see to it that your ideas and proposals are well-articulated in the highest quality.


That is not all. You can enjoy many benefits when using 3D renderings for your visuals, including a streamlined business and design operation, transparent and efficient communication, more accurate branding, and many more. For those who would like to take their designs or business to the next level, 3D rendering may just be the tool you need.

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