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Looking for software for CAD drafting, drawing or design in Singapore? Whizz Woods product solutions come equipped with a smooth, integrated workflow that covers all elements of the product development process. We provide a solution for you – whether it is data management, communication, product design, or more. Designers and engineers may easily move across disciplines, reducing the CAD product design cycle, increasing productivity, and quickly introducing new products to the market. So, if you are looking to buy CAD software in Singapore, be it 2D drawing software or 3D design CAD software, look no further than at Whizz Woods, as we have got you covered.

The prices below include a perpetual CAD software license and 1-Year Maintenance*.
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1. *Prices above include optional 1-year maintenance as well as 1 annual official version and service packs. This is the most cost-effective option to keep your perpetual CAD software license updated!

What is CAD software?

Computer-aided design software, or CAD software, is a design and technical documentation technology that automates the traditional drawing process. Choose from 2D drawing software packages and 3D design CAD software packages.

2D CAD software

The 2D CAD drawing software is a 2-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) programme used to present the height and length measurements on a flat surface without depth. Polygons, triangles, squares, rectangles, and other shapes appear in 2D CAD engineering drawings. Engineering and product design drawings in 2D CAD drawing software are often measured in square units such as cm² and are viewed as a collection of geometric components dependent on the geometric model, such as arcs, circles, lines, points, and the like. As 2D CAD drawings are relatively flat, designers would have to first comprehend the final product’s look, which can be challenging for those without technical experience.

3D CAD software

The 3D CAD software is a 3-dimensional computer-aided design. It uses width, height, and depth to measure objects. Prisms, pyramids, spheres, cubes, cylinders, and others are included in 3D engineering designs. The 3D model of the product, which depicts the real shape of the object on the computer and is measured in cubic units cm³ and quarts litres, is at the core of the 3D CAD software. The model provides numerous details about the product geometry’s entities, surfaces, lines, and points. One can view the finished result using the 3D CAD model, with most people being able to grasp the design. It is simpler to exhibit and explain the products to customers and colleagues when 3D models are used.

Who should use CAD software?

Used primarily by engineers, architects, drafters, and designers, the CAD software can be used for industries and individuals looking to utilise the software for CAD drafting, drawing or CAD product design while boosting their productivity simultaneously.

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