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ZWCAD is a powerful, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution.

One affordable ZWCAD  guarantees lifelong design quality and productivity

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ZWCAD is a robust, dependable, and DWG-compatible CAD solution for users all around the world. It delivers unique, customizable, and collaborative features for engineers and designers across numerous sectors such as Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Accessible in 15 languages, ZWCAD enables customers’ easy adaption to the platform with its user-friendly interface and seamless DWG compatibility. Additionally, ZWCAD enhances design productivity by speeding up file processing and providing smart tools as well as customizable design tool palettes.

Drafters, architects, designers, and engineers across a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, construction, engineering, architecture, and more, can benefit from the utilization of ZWCAD. For a ZWCAD free trial or further information on the ZWCAD license price in Singapore, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


You may easily access and proceed with your legacy design as well as seamlessly share it with clients and co-workers.


You may start using ZWCAD right away without having to re-learn anything with the easy-to-use CAD commands. Get started immediately!


Familiar Ribbon and Classic interfaces are available in ZWCAD. When you open the ZWCAD software, it is like reuniting with an old friend.ZWCAD Free Trial


With the ZWCAD mobile solution CAD Pockets, it allows you to view, edit, communicate, and collaborate drawings from anywhere at any time with your team.


Civil Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Mechanical, Manufacturing, AEC – No matter the industry you are in, you will be able to find vertical apps that satisfy all your business needs. Strong APIs such as .NET, ZRX, VBA, and LISP can be ported.

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Take a look at the efficient and capable tools available to help you create incredible things.

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Seamless Compatibility

Open, save and share your DWG/DXF drawings from other providers.

Familiar Interfaces

Swtich between the familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces easily.

Easy-to-use Commands

Get started immediately with the easy-to-use CAD commands and alias.

The Smart Series

Smart Mouse

Trigger commands with mouse gestures.

Smart Voice

Annotate with recorded voice.

Smart Select

Select desired objects quickly with multi-filter.

Smart Plot

Plot frames in batches from the model space.

Other Innovative Tools

Barcode & QR Code

Convert information into barcodes or QR codes and embed them in the drawing.

File Compare

Spot the differences between two drawings at once.

Undo Snapshot

Preview and go back to any of the previous steps.

Dynamic Block

Tool Palettes

Settings Migration

Digital Signature

Data Extraction

Reference Manager

Design Center

Super Hatch

Layout Export

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